Jessica Cross

The beauty of my journey through life as an artist is that my projects rarely reveal themselves until I am out there, in the streets, engaging with a community in its entirety. Engaging with the reality of a city or any space for that matter- its black, its white and its grey. At which point I am then confronted with this infinite spectrum.

People unveil their cities many secrets. They tell us tales of personal history, local perspectives past and present. They tell us where to find the soul, and most times it is composed of dark and light. But therein lies the binary of life. The two go hand in hand.  So what do I do? You can only bring light to dark, face the good with the bad, the beauty with the ugly and remind one another that they could not exist without the other.

The soul of the city will always be comprised of black white and grey. Always. Musicians, Artists, Poets and all those alike, bound to creativity, have a responsibility to share; our job is to work from the inside out; confronting the grey scale with splashes of color that inevitably remind us all that our hearts are red."  

Born in Marin County, California January 13, 1988. After graduating from Marin Academy High School, moved on to study Critical Theory Social Justice at Occidental College, Howard University and University of Cape Town, graduating with a Bachelors degree in CTSJ and a double minor in Ethnomusicology and Fine Arts in 2010 from Occidental College. Photography career began with a gift and an opportunity to experience something different. Exhibited works include: 'Down These Streets: Cape Town's Backyard' in 2010 at Weingart Gallery Los Angeles; 'Mzansi Citizens of Soul' joint exhibition with South African Photographers Max Mogale and Moeketsi Moticoe in 2011 at Studio 333, Sausalito; and 'Dusty Fingers', an exhibition of vinyl cover art in 2012 at 95 Hout, Cape Town. Founded non-profit organization SOULCITY movement in 2010. Moved to Cape Town, South Africa in 2011 and developed cultural photography workshop Artistic Eye. Current on-going projects include, Oakland Heroes and one.word project.